Live-in Child Care programme

extra help with your kids

Live-in Child Care programme
What is an au pair?
Our au pairs are young Italian students who would like to improve their English skills and to get a taste of real Australian life. Studying at the language school and interacting with your family every day is one of the best ways they can achieve their dream.

The aupair will give you an extra pair of hands with your children and light house work in exchange for board and a small amount of pay.

Hosting an au pair is the most convenient form of child care and gives you and your children the opportunity to experience a cultural exchange, learn Italian and gain better quality family time.


Au Pair Australia


good reasons to welcome an Italian Au Pair in your family

  • You are planning an holiday in Italy and you would like to learn the language and have help with your children when you will be there.
  • You would like your children to have a cultural exchange experience and learn to appreciate a different culture.
  • You have an Italian background and you would like your children to improve their Italian.
  • You need extra help with your children, their activities and the housework.
  • You have to go back to work or you are thinking about studying.
  • You just need to slow down your busy schedule a little and want to be able to have more time for yourself and your partner. Reducing stress levels will give you more energy to invest in better quality time with your children!


what experience can you expect?

The most important prerogatives of an au pair have to be honesty, maturity, the right attitude for living in a different country with different people and of course a sincere love for children. This is what we expect from our candidates and what our staff look for in each of them.

Some au pair can speak English well, they may have experience in childcare and they may have studied education and teaching. This kind of candidates will usually require more pocket money.


consider your specific needs

If you have very young children or children with special needs you have to consider a person with the right experience and possibly someone a little older.
With teenage boys it is becoming really popular to get a male au pair to able to join the kids in sports and hobbies.

Be sure that your profile reflects your needs.

Please note: The term “au pair” comes from the French, meaning ‘on a par’ or ‘equal to’, indicating that the relationship is intended to be one of equals: the au pair will become a temporary member of your family, not a traditional domestic help or a nanny!



The au pair should always firstly take care of the children, rather than household duties:

  • wake the children in the morning and get them ready
  • help the children to tidy their rooms and make their beds
  • prepare breakfast and lunch for the children
  • clean up breakfast dishes
  • make sure children have books and homework for school
  • drive children to/from school (if needed)
  • tasks while children are at school: shopping, light housework
  • prepare a healthy afternoon snack
  • assist the children with their homework, initiate and supervise play

We ask the host family to outline their expected duties in the profile. Prior to the arrival of the au pair we also recommend preparing a detailed handbook. It outlines jobs and basic house rules so that expectations are clear and the au pair has a fair chance of not only meeting but exceeding your expectations.

List of duties considered unsuitable for an au pair:

  • gardening
  • window cleaning
  • spring cleaning 
excluding day to day cleaning
  • washing carpets
  • washing the family car (expected if au pair is main user)
  • weekly shopping
  • pet training, 
clearing up after untrained pets
  • making parents bed
Ironing for parents
  • cleaning parents’ en-suite bathroom *
  • cooking the family meal (unless the au pair enjoys cooking and has chosen to do this for the family) *

* These duties can be included where there is less childcare and the children are out of the house for most of the day or optional for extra pay. 
Au pairs should not be required to do housework such as cleaning and ironing at the same time as looking after young children.

  • On duty approx. 5 hours per day, 5 days per week (25-30 hours a week)
  • Babysitting can be 2-3 evenings per week
  • Free time minimum 2 full days and 3 evenings
  • The 2 full days off should be every other weekend
  • Minimum pocket money 200 dollars (25 hrs) plus 8 dollars for extra hours
  • The work hours have to allow the au pair to attend English language classes
  • Limited light housework
  • No sole care for children under 2yrs old
  • Maximum 45 weekly hours, incidental increases up to 50 hours (holidays, sick child) can be arranged


how we work

Our recruiting and matching process is easy and we will always be sure that you get the right support and assistance during the entire lenght of your au pair experience.
We introduce your family to just selected candidates who have been interviewed by our Italian tutors.
The aupair’s files include:

  • Registration form, letter and pictures of the aupair
  • Checked references
  • First aid certificate
  • Medical certificate and police check

Often an aupair can be avaible immediately (sometimes they are already in Australia), other times it can take time to get the right match. We suggest you to apply for your au pair between 2 or 3 months in advance according to the period you want her/him to start.


how to apply

Fill out our contact form.
We will call you back for a preliminary consultation to discuss your needs, goals and to answer all your questions.
You will be invited to submit our application form: you need to fill out your profile describing your family and your lifestyle (adding pictures is always nice)!
We will start the matching process as soon as we get the deposit
We will give you a few profiles to examinate. You interview your favourite candidates through your webcam. You choose one and pay the allocation fee.
We provide your au pair with relevant training & preparation, this may include our 3 day induction on arrival. Au pair travels and joins your family!


cost & fees

We start your matching processes with a deposit of 200 dollars: in this way we can be sure of your commitment and that you are ready to start interviewing our candidates. As soon as your au pair is confirmed, the placement fee is payable.

3 months

  • deposit: $ 100
  • fee: $ 100
  • total fee: $ 200


basic skills

terms and conditions

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over 3 months

  • deposit: $ 100
  • fee: $ 200
  • total fee: $ 300


fluent English and/or more

terms and conditions

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As soon as your profile is completed a team member will contact you by telephone or skype at the time that is convenient for you to: Expect the telephone consultation to take approximately 30 minutes. You can contact us at any time.
Make the perfect profile!