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Notes from Italy

Sep 09

Crostata di prugne-Plum jam tart

Our local prunes are called cosce di manaca or nun’s thighs. Could it be because they are so sweet? It make a simple jam with them in July when it seems like its raining plums: 2 o 3 pitted plums to one third sugar by weight, cooked until quite thick, then pureed with a food [...]

Sep 09

Tagliatelle with Sunday meat souce

The big batch of meat sauce made for the Sunday pasta could also be used in backed pasta and polenta. It is likely that in harder times, there were more tomatoes and liquid and just one kind of chopped or ground meat. The meat can be veal or beef, wild board, pork, rabbit, duck; just adjust the cooking time to be sure the meat is very tender. The longer the sauce simmers, the better the flavors marry.

Sep 09

Fried anchovies-acciughe fritte

Fresh anchovies are delicious and full of good nutrition!

Sep 05

Stuffed zucchini flowers

Early summer is announced by the call of the cuckoo birds and the first zucchini flowers!

Aug 28

Pasta al forno-Backed Pasta

This dish has long been a way to use leftover sauce and maltagliti (bits leftover fresh pasta, literally ‘badly cut”). Freshly boiled or leftover shaped pasta, such as penne, works equally well. The besciamella (bechamel) souse is the same binding element used to make the more elaborate pasta al forno now as lasagna, made with [...]